Marketing Solutions

If you want to engage decision makers, Bobit Business Media offers unrivaled expertise in every platform: developing branded content, executing custom events, doing original research, and providing web analysis services that can drive business. We know your markets and we know how best to reach the buyers. We are experts in determining  the RIGHT platform, the RIGHT distribution channel, and the RIGHT content to engage YOUR buyers.

Custom Content

No one is better positioned to create the powerful stories that draw readers in, incite engagement and thought, and, ultimately, lead to smart purchases. We have the trust of a readership developed over a half-century. We use custom content to tell stories that build relationships. Our focus is always on reader value, because when you provide relevant and useful content, it doesn’t matter whether it’s provided by a staff editor or a brand. It matters that it provides the information the reader needs.

Whether you call it native advertising, branded content, advertorial, or custom content, it’s the same thing: great story-telling from brands that care about the relationship with the reader (and, by the way, we call it Custom Content because we create content customized to your voice and your goals).

Our quality team of content creators can work every social platform like a digital native. Our art directors live to bring a story to life with imagery and infographics, and our distribution experts ensure the medium is just right for your message, whether it’s email, print, social, or in-person.


You can bring the world together in the palm of your hand with your smartphone, but nothing beats looking a potential customer in the eye, shaking their hand, and hearing their challenges in person. That’s why we put on premiere events in our industries. There just comes a time when nothing but a face-to-face connection works as well.

At one of our distinctive events, you will network with peers, clients, and industry luminaries. You will have access to premium education designed specifically to help you stay on top of trends. Business travel can be expensive, so you will get your money’s worth when you attend a Bobit Business Media event. You’ll go home with ideas to improve your business the day you return to work. You’ll be inspired after talking to people who do what you do, struggle with the same challenges you do, and are motivated by the same kinds of success you are.

Finally, we have fun. All of our events are well-paced to provide time to talk eye to eye with someone over a drink, to share stories at a mixer, or to simply relax poolside at the end of a busy day.


How do we know what we know? Because we’ve done research. Our industry experts and research professionals have published exclusive, ground-breaking research since our first publication in 1961. We see our role as industry guardians, surveying the horizon for trends big and small that can affect your businesses. Whether you’re interested in testing a product in the market, want to know industry salaries, or need to know how your brand is perceived by the industry, we can help. We have a wealth of research tools, from simple to complex, to find the information you need.