22 Nov Bobit Business Media’s Chris Brown Wins Eddie Award For Business Fleet Article

Torrance, CA, November 22,  2019 –  Bobit Business Media is proud to announce Chris Brown, Executive Editor of Business Fleet Magazine, won the 2019 Folio Eddie Award for Best Single Article, B2B Transportation. The article, What’s in that White Cargo Van?, was printed in the Jan/Feb 2019 issue of Business Fleet Magazine, one of Bobit’s many publications in the fleet and transportation industry.

It’s always great to be recognized by industry peers,” said Brown. “Still, the greatest satisfaction was starting out with a grand vision for what I thought the article could be, and being satisfied that I met the goals I set out for myself. This niche in fleet will only expand, and I look forward to following it.”

The concept for the article was sparked when Brown came across an armored car fleet that moved cannabis. Brown wrote that story, which led him to understand the logistics of cannabis distribution, a new yet exploding market as cannabis becomes legalized by states.

“I researched this article for about six months. I started from ground zero, not knowing anything about the industry. I went to a lot of trade events, and those face-to-face meetings opened many doors,” said Brown. “I researched and examined all parts of the ecosystem, from suppliers, dealers, and upfitters to the fleets themselves, the growers, distributors, and retailers. I even met a source for the story who has a ‘small fleet’ that sells solely to the black market — so completely illegal. A ‘drug dealer’ in the traditional parlance. Managing his identity and information the right way for this story was a new endeavor for me.”

“Chris Brown represents what we try to do here at Bobit each and every day,” said Sherb Brown, President of Bobit Business Media. “He had an idea he dove into it with the upmost respect for the industry and those in it. He wanted to tell a side of the business that many of us are not aware of. He thought outside of the box, and he did his research. We’re proud of Chris and Business Fleet team and thank them for having the foresight to see a changing industry and diving into the unknown rather than shying away.”

The Eddie and Ozzie Awards are powered by Folio and have honored the best journalism – written and designed – across all publishing sectors for more than 25 years.

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