04 Mar Bobit Business Media’s Beauty, Health & Wellness Announces New Content Team

Anne Moratto (left), Stacey Soble, and Beth Livesay have been named Directors of Brand Content Strategy for MODERN SALON, Salon Today and NAILS, respectively.

Torrance, CA, March 4,  2020 –  Brian O’Rourke, President of Bobit Business Media’s Beauty, Health & Wellness division, announced today the appointment of a new content team responsible for producing the MODERN SALON, Salon Today, and NAILS media brands. The new team is said to be more closely aligned with producing and distributing content for both audiences and marketers in a multi-platform era.

“Upon joining Bobit Business Media last September, I have made it my mission to evolve our products, processes, and personnel,” O’Rourke says. “From a digital-first content strategy, to an agency-derived production methodology, we’re now better prepared to meet the needs of both our audiences and our clients and remain a leader in the beauty, health and wellness media category for years to come.”

Leading the overall content direction for Bobit’s, Beauty, Health & Wellness media brands are O’Rourke’s newly named Directors of Brand Content Strategy, who will be responsible for overseeing the editorial direction, voice, and multi-platform integration of both owned and client-generated content. Editorial veteran Anne Moratto has been promoted to Director of Brand Content Strategy for the division’s flagship brand, MODERN SALON.

“It’s such a privilege to be a part of this dynamic industry and the passion of its beauty professionals,” Moratto says. “In partnership with our network of artists, content creators, and producers, we are committed to sharing stories that will engage, educate, and shine the spotlight on our heroes, the hairdressers.”

Other members of the team include Beth Livesay and Stacey Soble who have been promoted to Director of Brand Content Strategy for NAILS and Salon Today, respectively. O’Rourke has also given new titles to additional individuals responsible for the development and integration of paid client content, an area that has grown exponentially over the past couple of years.

As part of the ever-expanding agency services that Bobit’s Beauty, Health & Wellness division offers, Becky May is now Director of Client Content Strategy, Maggie Mulhern is Director of Multimedia Beauty Content, Jamie Newman is Senior Digital Content Strategist, and Deborah Ogilvie is Director of Content Integration.

“More than ever before, our clients look to us for our creativity and expertise in providing multimedia creative services, as well as fully produced experiential and pop-up events,” says O’Rourke. “Like many consumer media brands, we have evolved into a hybrid content producer and agency.”

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